Why Gender?

Gender is a decisive factor for the ideological basis of (young) women and men who turn to right-wing extremism, militant Islam or Christian fundamentalism. A few assumptions:

  • Extremist groups have gender-specific ideologies and strategies
  • Pre-modern gender roles partly shape right-wing extremist, Islamist and Christian fundamentalist ideologies
  • How young men and women participate in extremist groups is gender-specific
  • Girls and women are not recognised or taken seriously as politically active extremists. This makes it easier to use them strategically whether for community and public relations work or bomb attacks
  • Conflict-ridden gender topics are often a reason why young men and women turn to extremist scenes
  • Sexism, homophobia and ideas about the inequality of women and men are a key part of right-wing extremist, Islamist and Christian fundamentalist ideology

As part of the project “WomEx”, funded by the ISEC programme of the EU and the Federal Agency for Political Education, literature and research have been assessed in this field, discussions with experts and practioners have been led and the situation of young women who turn to right-wing and religious extremist contexts has been examined. More information about the project WomEx can be found here. hier

WomEx project results

  • Networking (international) actors and participants in this field
  • Recommendations for gender-focused work with right-wing extremist and militant Isamist (young) women and men in various relevant areas for action in prevention and distancing work Successful practice  > fields of work
  • Case histories from a social space perspective Successful practice > Case histories
  • Promising gender-aware methods for working with right-wing extremist and militant religious fundamentalist (young) women and men Successful practice > examples / projects
  • Development and testing of further education module for different target group, for example, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Michaela Köttig from the University of Applied Science in Frankfurt am Main Successful practice > further training
  • Collecting and presentation of current further training programmes as well as activities/conferences on women, gender and right-wing extremism Schedule
  • Information about important events and breakthroughs linked to gender-aspects, group-focused enmity and extremism in Europe as well as worldwide, also at at the centre of society Current

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