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Examples of good practice / Projects

Examples of good practice (projects / initiatives / approaches) in different fields of work:

Counselling and training  Prison Open and outreach youth work  Family-oriented support  Anti-violence training   Community-oriented approaches  Exit support with gender-specific experience stuehle Counselling and training

  • ARUG Frauen und Rechtsextremismus further training and professional exchange / raise awareness about women in right-wing extremism Homepage
  • cultures interactive e.V. Hako_reJu_ training module for gender and right-wing extremism / professional support / coaching for communities and youth workers, further training for social work students and nursery school staff more
  • dissens e.V. training and further education for schools and youth work / programme offers for youth / explore personal role models and role models in society more
  • Fachstelle Gender und Rechtsextremismus training and professional exchange / raise awareness about women in right-wing extremism / explore neo-Nazi role models Homepage
  • Mut vor Ort pilot project for providing further training and advising to youth centres / explore neo-Nazi role models more



  • Rollenwechsel pilot project from Miteinander e.V. / exploring gender role models more
  • Violence Prevention Network e.V. “Abschied von Hass und Gewalt” (farewell to hate and violence) – training: exploring images of masculinity in the context of violent right-wing extremism and Islamic fundamentalism is part of the training Homepage


Open an outreach youth work

  • cultures interactive e.V. training courses, project days and workshops for young people / gender-reflective youth culture programme offers / target group-specific approach for schools, youth work and youth services more
  • dissens e.V. programmes and services for youth to strengthen alternative role models for masculinity and femininity more
  • Heroes project from Strohhalm e.V. / multiplier training for young men in order to, among other things, promote equality and fight against oppression in the name of honour in peer-to-peer workshops at schools Homepage
  • Gangway e.V. streetwork with right-wing oriented youth and others in Berlin Homepage
  • Vaja e.V. streetwork with right-wing oriented youth and others in Bremen. Team “recl” work with right-wing extremist cliques Homepage


Family-oriented support

    • pad e.V.: Projekt “Eltern stärken” support for parents of right-wing extremist children / organise self-help groups / consulting and further training for family support workers on how to handle right-wing extremist parents more
    • Lidice Haus counsel and accompany parents of right-wing extremist children / consulting for youth centres more
    • REXEL raise awareness about right-wing extremist parents, training offers in prison for right-wing extremist parents more


Anti-violence training _ which specifically focus on girls and / or reflect on gender roles in the context of violent behaviour

  • Institut für genderreflektierte Gewaltprävention (IfGG) TESYA (Training Empowerment Support Youth and Adults) systemic solution-oriented anti-violence training for children, youth and young adults more
  • Denkzeit training and programmes against violence, delinquency and disturbed behaviour, Berlin more
  • iMMA e.V. “Cool for life” anti-violence training / EU project “girls using violence” / ZORA – open youth work for girls / residential and non-residential services, Munich more


Community-oriented approaches

  • Aufbruch Neukölln fathers group moderated by psychologists / explore masculinity and violence Homepage
  • Kitab von Vaja e.V. advice centre for parents and educators concerning militant Islamic movements Homepage
  • Kulturbüro Sachsen e.V. mobile counselling team (MBT) / expert coaching for youth services / foster democratic participation in the community Homepage
  • Lola für Lulu project in connection with the specialist department “Gender und Rechtsextremismus” (gender and right-wing extremism) / counselling and training for parents, nursery school staff, etc. / seek to strengthen local female civic actors in the Ludwigslust district (Lulu) Homepage


Exit support with gender-specific experience

  • ARUG Ausstiegshilfe Braunschweig / Lower Saxony
  • JUMP CJD Waren (Müritz) / social space-oriented exit-support work Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Homepage
  • (R)auswege exit support / Rheinland-Palatinate Homepage
  • Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft “Ausstieg zum Einstieg” e.V. (BAG Ausstiegsarbeit) Federal Association exit-support work Homepage